White House To Host Private ‘Cesar Chavez’ Screening

Word got out Monday that ‘Cesar Chavez’ will get its own private screening at the White House on Wednesday. 

President Obama declared March 11th “Cesar Chavez Day” back in 2011, so it is no big surprise that he will be doing a private screening of the upcoming “Cesar Chavez” movie at his own residence. It is always good press to have your movie screened at the White House, but the biopic’s director, Diego Luna has his fingers crossed that he will get more than just a handshake from the president.

He recently told The Wrap that he really wants the president to tweet about the movie. “He has more followers than all of us together,” he said.

This movie will be a big moment to not only recognize the latino struggle in the United States, but also a big moment for latino actors. “I think this industry has to celebrate the Latino community and it has to understand that there’s an audience that wants to be represented you know, and things are changing very fast,” Diego recently told kvpr.org.

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