The Pope Models As Centerfold In His Own Magazine

The Pope is modeling as a centerfold in his own magazine.

On Wednesday, an Italian publisher launched Il Mio Papa (My Pope), a 69-page magazine dedicated to the holy man himself. The magazine contains photos of the Pope, articles about his life and his message along with submitted articles about him.

To shield himself from the criticism that is expected when someone produces something like this, Aldo Vitali, the editor of the magazine, stated that its purpose is “not so much to celebrate” the Pope but to help him make positive change in the world.

One aspect that may bring criticism upon this project is that the magazine contains ads that would be found in gossip magazines including those for weight loss, hair care products and even laxatives.

Ironically enough, the magazine came out the same day that the Pope told an Italian newspaper that he did not want to be considered superman or a star.

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