Spotify Drops Justin Bieber’s ‘Latin King’ Ad After Fan Backlash

Canadian Pop Star, Justin Bieber HAD been riding high on the success after collaborating on the Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee jam, Despacito.  But after butchering the lyrics, in what some have called an offensive manner, Justin refuses to sing the song in public.

Fan iPhone videos show Justin saying he “doesn’t know the words” and singing along with words like “burrito” and “poquito”.


If that wasn’t already enough of a slap in the face to the Spanish speaking community, not to mention his fans that have made the song #1 worldwide, Spotify released an add calling Bieber a “Latin King”.

Latinos everywhere took to the internet to protest.


Meanwhile Luis Fonsi is basking in the success and treating fans across the globe to an accurate rendition of the hit song, he’s planning a US tour to kick off in September 2017. Dale.

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