Selena Gomez Was In Rehab For Two Weeks

It may seem as if Selena Gomez is all fine and dandy but news came out recently that she voluntarily entered rehab and stayed for two weeks.

According to reports the “Come and Get It” singer entered Arizona’s Dawn at The Meadow rehab center on January 5. Selena reps have confirmed that she did enter the rehab center but insist that it was not for substance abuse issues.

Others are telling a different story, and sources say that she was partying heavily and experimenting with marijuana and prescription drugs, including Xanax and Ambien.
“It’s important to remember that Selena had worked in Hollywood non-stop for six years. She was exhausted. Selena was smart enough to understand that she needed to take control of her life,” one insider told Radar Online.
Another factor to keep in mind is that she had an on and off relationship with Justin Bieber who could have also added on to her emotional crisis.
Fortunately Selena is doing well now. It is reported that she is happy and healthy.

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