Ricky Martin Gets Digital, Creates A Live Concert App

Ricky Martin is taking his concert experience to a whole new level. The Puerto Rican pop star has recently created an app that allows fans to watch him in concert direct from their mobile devices.

The “Ricky Martin Concert 4U app”, was developed by the Washington-based 3D-4U tech firm and allows users to watch concerts from multiple camera angles located in different locations in the stadiums or concert venues where Ricky is performing. To launch the app, the company used Ricky’s recent concert in Australia.

In a statement released by Sony Music about the app, Ricky commented on why he was in love with the idea, “On my recent tour across Australia, I kept hearing from people all over the world how they wished to be there and be part of the tour or how they wished they could come to the concerts.”

Not only does the app allow fans to watch the concerts from different angles but it also gives them the possibility to view the concerts three dimensionally because of the multiple cameras that have been set up to record it.

“This app is one more for the collection! This is for those of us that just can’t get enough of him! I love it! It’s entertaining & lots of fun!!,” one fan wrote in the review section of the app.

The app is currently available for free on the iTunes app store.

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