Ricky Martin Dating Federico Diaz?

Rumors have gone out recently that Federico Diaz is Ricky Martin’s hook up buddy and one of the reasons that Ricky ended his relationship with Carlos Gonzalez. Federico recently took it to Twitter to deny the rumors.
This is what the Mexican model said:
“The TVyNovelas magazine published a story unfounded and based on lies, with pictures taken from my personal Twitter and Instagram account, speculating and poorly informing the public. This media outlet wrote a story confirming something that is far from the truth and full of malice, which I truly don’t understand why since I have always received a lot of love and respect from the press and they have received that from me. I will not make any other comment or declaration regarding this topic. It anguishes me and upsets a lot, regardless of the damage, that these things are written.”
There you have it, Federico is denying the rumors and was clear in letting his followers know that he does not have a relationship with Ricky Martin.
Do you think the two have dated and Federico is just covering it up? Let us know in the comment section below.

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