Rene Perez Totals His Own Maserati In Music Video

Fans are eagerly awaiting the new music video for the song “Adentro” by Calle 13 and they will be surprised to find out that in the video, Rene Perez destroys his own Maserati with a baseball bat.

The Puerto Rican singer says, he is trying to get rid of the excess in his life and set an example for kids about materialism. They say, “actions speak louder than words” so he has decided to smash his own Maserati. We all know that Calle 13 is a very socially conscious band but when someone smashes a car that expensive for whatever reason, it makes anyone cringe.

Check out this teaser for the upcoming music video in which “Residente” smashes up his car then drives it off a cliff.

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