Rene Perez Makes Up With The Fan He Punched

Rene Perez, the lead singer of Calle 13, apologized to the fan he punched in the stomach this weekend.

Rene was performing at the Vive Latino Festival in Mexico when a fan jumped on stage and aggressively tried to hug him from behind. Security quickly grabbed the fan, but he didn’t let go of Rene. The Calle 13 singer turned and punched him in the stomach.

After the concert, Rene told the press he punched the fan because the fan choked him to the point he couldn’t breath.

Even though he hit him in the stomach, neither Rene or the fan held a grudge and quickly made up. Rene uploaded a video to Twitter and captioned it,
“Thank you Beto for the apologies, they’re simultaneous! Thank you for cheering with against the amarillismo. Cheers to the family!”
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