Raul Gonzalez To Leave ‘Despierta America’ After 13 Years

Raul Gonzalez has been co-hosting Univision’s morning show, “Despierta America” for 13 years and on Thursday he announced that he is parting ways.

The 42-year-old host opted out of renewing his contract because he simply wanted to take a break and try new things.

“I’m leaving with the illusion of doing new things. You know that human beings complete cycles and the same way I arrived 13 year ago to ‘Despierta America’ and fulfilled the dream of working here, as a human being I want to find new horizons,” he said on his last day co-hosting “Despierta America”.

Karla Martínez, his co-host, expressed how much she missed Raul but that she is happy him.

A source told Huffington Post Latino Voices however that he is not leaving simply because he wants to explore new things but that it stems from him not being happy with his contract offer.

“Raul loves Univision, loves his teammates and has a great sense of sadness, he is not happy to leave. Beyond that, it has to do with contractual agreements where they failed to reach agreement,” said the source.

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