Rafael Nadal Goes Head To Head Against Vanessa Selbst And Looses

Rafael Nadal may be the best tennis player in the world but when it comes to poker, he is no match for Vanessa Selbst.

Friday night the “King of Clay” went head to head against Vanessa Selbst, the highest earning female poker player of all time in a charity poker match. While Nadal played a good game, Vanessa’s professional expertise was what won the game.

“Rafa played a great game, but the format and the cards were in my favour,” Selbst told the PokerStars blog. “I was able to win by using aggression in good spots and I also made a number of strong hands. I had an excellent time with Rafa and I’m looking forward to the re-match!”

Nadal may have lost but that doesn’t mean he can’t play. The 27-year-old tennis star has been playing the game seriously for the last two years but has not been able to spend as much time perfecting his poker skills as Selbst because he is focusing on his 9th tennis title.


[Courtesy of pokerstarsblog.com]

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