Paty Navidad Suffering From A Brain Tumor

The Por Ella Soy Eva actress, Paty Navidad, has confirmed that she is suffering from a benign brain tumor.
Paty has revealed that she has been suffering from headaches and insomnia for about a year along with tingling sensations in her arms, legs, hands and face. 
“At first she thought it was due to the stress she experienced by the workload and the concerns she had during the recordings of the Por Ella Soy Eva novela, but things worsened when she started dealing with insomnia and her headaches increased,” a source told TVNotas.
The 40-year-old went to see several doctors and get examined the source explained, “Paty is a careful woman, so she was alarmed, and went to several doctors who had did several studies that reflected something was wrong.”
Navidad could lose her eyesight if the benign tumor grows so she’s receiving medical treatment and is under the careful care of three doctors.


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