Online Group Claims Jenni Rivera Was Connected To A Drug Cartel

Was Jenni Rivera connected to a drug cartel?

The group that exposed Melissa Plancarte (Barbie Grupera/La Princesa de la Banda) as the daughter of a Knights Templar Cartel boss is now going after Jenni Rivera. According to the video that they posted, Jenni Rivera had close ties to Sayonara Gómez and Huber Gómez the son and daughter of on of the leaders of the Knights Templar Cartel,  Servando Gómez aka “La Tuta”.

The video claims that the late Rivera had very close ties to these children, who referred to her as their “mother” and gives proof of their relationship by showing videos, pictures and posts from social media sites. The video also makes the bold claim that Jenni along with “La Tutas” children were laundering money for the cartel.

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