Ninel Conde Being Sued By Bodyguards

Ninel Conde is being sued by her two former bodyguards, Oswaldo Hernandez and Crisoforo Fernández.

According to TVNotas, Hernandez and Fernandez are suing Conde for half a million pesos (about 75,000 dollars) that she owes them. After three years of working with Conde, both guards revealed that she is bipolar, addicted and a tyrant.

They also assure that Conde cheated several times on her ex-husband Juan Zepeda.

But her ex-husband, Giovanni Medina, is standing up for Ninel.
Conde recently posted the following Tweet from her ex-husband to her Instagram account:
“NinelConde thank you and I love you for exactly being the contrary of what others are making you out to be, you are a role model…” [English Translation]
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