Naya Rivera Talks About What She Is Going To Do After Glee

Naya is gracing the cover of Prestige Indonesia this month, looking fabulous and talking about what her post-Glee plans are.

In the cover story, the 27-year-old Glee actress opens up about challenges she faces playing the role of Santana Lopez on the show.

“Trying to be consistent as an actor is really the hardest thing. It’s been amazing to play the same character for five to six years now because it really lets me flex my acting muscles. But playing a character for that long, you have to really push yourself to keep things new and fresh and interesting.”

As for what Naya plans on doing when Glee ends, Naya explained that she is excited for what her future holds. “The opportunities are endless. I love to sing. That’s definitely something I’ll do for the rest of my life. But where do I want to be with my singing career? I don’t know. I think timing is everything. Singing is such an artistic process that can’t be rushed.”

Naya is definitely a triple threat with an extremely loyal fan base, there is no doubt that she will easily find a lot of work once the show is ends.

Check out the video re-cap of the cover shoot below:


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