Michelle Rodriguez And Cara Delevingne Make Out In Mexico

Actress Michelle Rodriguez and her new super model lady Cara Delevingne took a romantic vacation to Mexico last week and video shows that the couple was enjoying each other much more than they were enjoying the margaritas.

A video was recently posted of the pair making out while swimming in Cancun. The two must really like each other because there are definitely a few instances in which they get dunked under water by incoming waves mid make out. We all know that salt water in the mouth is no fun.

The 35-year-old Fast and Furious star was reportedly introduced to 21-year-old british super model by Rihanna at a party last year. Since then, they have made appearances together at a New York Knicks game and Fashion Week in Paris.

Watch the video below to see Michelle and topless Delevingne making out in the ocean:

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