Marc Anthony Is Coming Out With A Third Album In English

Watch out world, Marc Anthony is coming out with an album and it is going to be in English.

Anthony let the word out that he is working on an English-language pop album this week in Miami at the 25th Billboard Latin Music Conference. This will be his third album in English and while he may not have a release date for the project, there are still details including what record label he will release the album on that need to be worked through before we can even expect to get a date. Currently, Sony Music Latin has exclusive rights to all music that he produces in Spanish but no one holds claim to music he produces in other languages.

For all of those fans out there who love his Spanish songs, don’t worry. The 45-year-old singer has been nominated for 15 Billboard Latin Music Awards this year for his latest Spanish-language album, “3.0.” With all of those awards coming his way he is sure to keep pumping out Spanish hits.

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