Juan Gabriel Hospitalized In Las Vegas

Mexican singer Juan Gabriel was hospitalized Sunday night after performing in Las Vegas. The 64-year-old mariachi/ranchera singer fell ill with pneumonia and was taken to the Southern Hills Hospital in Los Vegas where he will be spending the next eight days in treatment recovering.

“He sang as best he could in Las Vegas; he felt very sick, but wanted to continue because … he does not like to leave people hanging, much less his fans,” his rep said in statement to La Opinion.

“After the show, he was taken to a hospital and was immediately evaluated and was diagnosed with pneumonia,” Fox News Latino quoted Juan’s rep.

Gabriel recently started a US tour earlier this month and he will have to cancel some of his upcoming shows. “He will reschedule, but for now, his health is most important,” his rep stated.

But neither the pneumonia or the hospital is holding him back from connecting with his fans,

“All is well! No need to worry, you just have to be careful! Thanks for all your messages and good wishes,” he tweeted in Spanish.

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