Jamie Camil Inspires L.A. County Foster Youth

Jamie Camil plays a self-absorbed Telenovela star on the CW hit “Jane the Virgin,” but in real life, he has a sweet spot for good causes. 

Camil was one of the speakers at the 29th annual Graduation Celebration for Foster Youth at Walt Disney Concert Hall, which honors the academic achievements of Los Angeles County high school graduates. 

Speaking exclusively to journalist Naibe Reynoso, Camil said, “it was important for me to be here for many reasons… these kids went through so many struggles so many obstacles in life so the fact that they’re here celebrating the graduation means everything,” adding,  “if we could be here helping them and supporting them and inspiring them to keep doing what they’re doing which is amazing, we should be doing it”

 The actor was set to speak in front of 175 college-bound High School graduates who all went through the LA County Foster system. The ceremony was created to inspire and honor these high-achieving young adults who were all accepted into colleges and universities with scholarships.

Although Camil gained notoriety in Hollywood because of his role on “Jane the Virgin,” he joked about his fame saying, “I’m 43 years old and they’re not my generation, so they may go.. so what, Justin Bieber is not here?” adding, “maybe they’re expecting him, and I show up and rain on their party.” 

He also, offered this piece of advice to the graduates, “I will tell them to keep doing what they’re doing and persevere and be disciplined, this is just the beginning of their amazing life that they have ahead of them.”

The 29th annual celebration which honors the academic achievements of foster youth, is a collaborative effort between the LA county Board of Supervisors,  The Department of Children and Family Services, and the United Friends of the Chilrend among other organizations. 

Although the event was a milestone for foster youth, Camil didn’t let the serious tone of the night take away his sense of humor, joking with the audience by saying, “I know you guys are high-achievers… but luckily, I didn’t have to get good grades, I became an actor so I just needed to get good dentists!”

 “Jane the Virgin” season 4 is scheduled to premiere on Friday, Oct. 13, at 9 p.m. EDT on The CW, he will also be one of the voices of Disney’s  Coco which will open in theaters on November 22.

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