Jacquelin Bracamontes And Martín Fuentes Announce The Sex Of Their Baby

Jacquelin Bracamontes and Martín Fuentes have announced that they are having a girl.
The 33-year-old Mexican actress, model and TV hostess announced that she was pregnant back in December during the live-broadcast of the finale of “La Voz … Mexico.”
Martin Fuentes, Jacquelin’s husband, let the news out Wednesday that the couple is having a girl, “Yes, Mini Jacky is already 9 months, my wife is 3 and a half months pregnant, and again expect a girl; which not too long ago we found out. With my daughter and this little baby, my darling Jacky will have a beautiful couple of girls, and I will be the most fortunate among so many women.”
Jacqueline and Martín became parents for the first time in 2013 when Jacquelin gave birth to twins. Unfortunately, only one of the children made it and the boy passed away due to respiratory problems. While this must have been very tough on the family they are still moving forward and allowing their family to grow.

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