Gloria Trevi Is Not Happy About Her Upcoming Biopic

The biopic Gloria about Mexican singer Gloria Trevi is scheduled to come out in September but Gloria is not happy about it at all.

According to reports, Gloria claims that the movie which is supposed to be based on her life is full of lies and that its producers tricked her by not holding up their end of the contract that they signed.

In a recent interview with The Associated Press, Gloria stated that she was told by the directors that the movie would be biographical and that she would be allowed to participate in its production. According to Gloria, these promises were not kept and the script contains many mistakes and things she had never done or said.

But the director of the movie is saying that Gloria is blowing it out of proportion, “We approve the script. She gave us good feedback, and we included it,” he said pointing to the fact that Trevi never had full control over the project.

We are very interested in seeing how this all unfolds.

Gloria which stars actress Sofía Espinoza, will premiere on September 5th.


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