Gloria Trevi Gets Offered 1.8 Million To Star In Reality Show

Gloria Trevi has been offered a very large amount of money to film a reality show.
According to reports, Telemundo has offered the Zapatos Viejos singer 1.8 million dollars (23,600,000.00 pesos) to film a reality show. If she accepts Gloria would become the highest paid reality star by Telemundo.
The network wants fans to see Gloria’s side as a mother, wife, friend and artist. However, a source told TyNotas that the 46-year-old singer has not given a green light to this project, saying:
“As with all reality shows, they want to broadcast her home environment, but she only wishes to share her life out on stage. She does not want to air intimate or personal matters, such as her home shared with her children or fights she has with her spouse.”
Gloria wants to focus the reality show mostly on her career as an artist. She has no problem sharing her day to day life at work or showing her interactions with fans. She wants to film her tour trips and even the moments of stress or high emotions she deals with on tour.
Currently, both Telemundo and Gloria are in the process of developing a mutual agreement of what will be aired. If they come to an agreement, the show will come out the middle of this year.


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