George Lopez Opens Up To Ellen About His Recent Arrest

George Lopez recently opened up to Ellen about his recent arrest in Canada.

On Thursday, February 27, a photo of George passed out intoxicated on a casino floor went viral.
“Recently I, uh, lifted myself off the casino floor in Canada,” George told Ellen. He was referring to his public intoxication incident at the Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino in Windsor, Ontario.
“I was just on my way to my room, I just missed it by 35 floors,” joked Lopez.
“The authorities are much politer in Canada. ‘Sir, wake up, Sir you’re under arrest,’ very polite. And they told me, ‘Sir, this behavior cannot continue and if it does continue, we’d be honored if you’d be mayor of Toronto.’ “
He had performed at the casino the night prior to this incident and the night after he passed out in public, he drew more fans and sold-out the following night’s performance. He worked his drunk incident into fresh material, “If you’re going to drink hit the floor, sh*t! … Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but whatever happens in Canada everybody knows!,” he told a laughing crowd.
Since the incident George claims that he has not had a drop of alcohol. “That was a nice going away party for that guy and then I’m the new George now sitting in front of you,” he told Ellen.
“Just because Mexican’s invented tequila doesn’t mean we can handle it,” George added.

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