From Love Ballads To Heavy Metal, Cristian Castro Is Switching Genres

Cristian Castro is giving up love ballads for heavy metal.

Fans were surprised to find out that the man responsible for hits ‘Azul’ and ‘Lloran Las Rosas’ switched it up on them this month after he tweeted a photo that went viral of himself wearing nothing but a thong next to his masseuse. He is now switching it up on them once again by changing genres completely with his new heavy metal song ‘Purgatorio’ featuring Vampiro, the guitarist for the famous Mexican rock band, Jaguares.

But its not just one song it seems as if Castro is in it for the long haul. He will be releasing his first rock genre album titled, La Esfinge, The Sphinx, on February 25.

Listen to the full track below. Does Cristian Castro have what it takes to become a heavy metal star?

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