Exclusive: Christina Milian Fuels Engagement Rumors

Is Christina Milian engaged? That’s the question that needs answering after the New Jersey native was spotted rocking a huge piece of bling on her engagement ring finger last week.

Milian is currently dating Jas Prince who got in on fueling the wedding speculation when he posted a video online of the two at dinner with friends, making sure to include a shot of the ring in the clip.


HollywoodAhora reached out to Christina’s camp for comment on the engagement speculation, but her camp was mum. Thankfully, our partners over at HipHollywood got a chance to ask Christina directly … it’s just, well, she’s pretty good at that whole being evasive thing. “Well, there are rumors … but we’ll stick to it being a rumor,” Milian coyly replied when pressed about potentially walking down the aisle with her beau.

Now, we’re not psychics or anything, but something tells us that if Miss Milian wasn’t engaged, she wouldn’t be rocking a ring on her engagement ring finger and being evasive about clarifying her relationship status.

Anyway, check out the video below to see Christina’s response to the video.

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