Ex Manager Of Elvis Crespo And Victor Manuelle Sentenced To Life Imprisonment

The former manager of Víctor Manuelle and Elvis Crespo has been sentenced to life in prison.

On February 6th, a Florida judge sentenced José R. Díaz Rosado to life behind bars in a federal prison for drug charges after he pled guilt of conspiracy to possess cocaine with the intention to distribute it. The 48-year old manager was arrested last year by the Department of Homeland Security in New York after a federal grand jury in Florida issued an indictment against him for possession with intent to distribute five kilos of cocaine.

Out of all of the people Díaz Rosado has managed, salsa artist Victor Manuelle is the only one to make a public statement about the case. He took to twitter and expressed his feelings about the situation:

 “Unfortunate news about José Díaz. Although I don’t agree with his actions, which I was unaware of, I offer my support to him and his family in such a sad time.” [English Translation]

Manuelle followed up by stating,

“All humans make mistakes. No one has the right to judge us, that’s when you prove your real friendship.”

“Todos los seres humanos nos equivocamos,nadie tiene derecho a juzgarnos ahí es q se demuestra la verdadera amistad.” [English Translation]




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