Eugenio Derbez Talks About Getting Beat Up

Eugenio Derbez opened up recently about getting his face disfigured by his neighbor many years go.

The Mexican comedian was about 25 years old when he confronted his neighbor about the way his neighbors’ dog attacked his dog. Apparently this did not sit well with the neighbors.

Eugenio explained that they attacked him and left his face disfigured. “They broke my face, literally, and the bone was sticking out,” he said.

It was an injury he had to deal with for many months but nothing compared to the length of the time the legal matters took.

“It was a case that took many years. I had been going to prison, I had to sign (documents) because they were booked for aggression, it was a deep wound. I even have the videos and everything of all my face covered,” Eugenio told Azteca.

He had many facial reconstructive surgeries but doesn’t have any visible scars since it was many years ago and they scars have faded.

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