Enrique Iglesias Addresses Gay Rumors

Every once in a while rumors go around about Enrique Iglesias being gay but the 38-year-old singer took to Facebook and answered fan’s questions about the notion that he is covering his sexuality up.

LaBotana.com, reports that a Facebook fan named David Rodriguez asked the singer if he was gay via the social networking platform, basing his question off of the fact that there are many gay singers in the music industry.

“I am very sure of my sexuality. I try to make good songs and that are fun. Either way, what is the problem with there being many gay singers? There are many gay people that must be respected … the truth is that most people are good and humans, ” Iglesias responded, shutting down the rumor.

Enrique had been dating Anna Kournikova for 12 years but their relationship ended in October of 2013 after Kournikova allegedly left  him because she was tired of waiting for him to decide if he wanted to marry her or not.


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