Eddie “Piolin” Sotelo’s Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Dismissed

Eddie “Piolin”  Sotelo’s lawsuit was dismissed by a California judge. The former personality air-host for 101.9 FM was accused and charged for sexually harassing six of his former coworkers from Univision Radio. The judge considered El Piolin’s lawsuit as a way to intimidate the plaintiffs and to get them to retract their claims.
The six former coworkers are charging El Piolin for touching them inappropriately, showing them his genitals, asking them to touch him and giving them offensive, inappropriate nicknames. Allegedly he threat to fire them if they said anything.
El Piolin claims that it’s not true and they are only suing him for money.
“The are extorting me. When you are asking for money in exchange to staying quite, that’s an extortion. It’s injustice, it’s treason, because they were with me everyday. In the moments they worked with me, they never told me they felt sexually harassed. Perhaps they thought I wasn’t going to do anything,” he told Al Rojo Vivo.
The judge also filed a motion that required Sotelo to pay for their lawyer’s expenses.
Eddie Piolin Sotelo and his team of lawyers issued a statement, “We are disappointed with the court’s decision. Our appeal will be based, in part, that the court did not consider all the evidence presented to make this decision. We trust that the former employees will be held accountable for their actions to extort our client.”
Rumors are that Piolin’s show got canceled in July 2013 after word got out about these sexual harassment charges.

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