Chiquis Rivera To Star In Her Own Reality Show

Chiquis Rivera has been surrounded in criticism since the death of her mother Jenny Rivera and now she has decided to make a buck off of it.

This week, the 43-year-old announced at a press conference that she is in the works on her own reality show. According to Chiquis herself, the show which will be titled, “Chiquis Confidential,” will consist of 48 mini episodes that will be full of “a lot of Chiquis” along with her family, children and friends. Each episode will be three to five minutes, in “Spanglish,” and take place in her deceased mother’s home where she currently lives.

The hope behind the show is to give the public a more intimate look at the life of Chiquis who is struggling with always being compared to her mother because of her singing career.

“That really hurts me a lot, because if I could change everything that happened and have my mother, I would not think twice . Not worth it because I’ve been working, I worked a lifetime with my mom, and before I had started my career, I wanted to sing,” Chiquis told cameras.

“I think people need to know how that makes me feel , and if I have the chance to have the love of the public and do what I’ve always wanted to do, why not?”she said.

Chiquis also commented on taking more time to get her upcoming album right, saying that it will be “safe.”

“I’m preparing myself, hope to get the disc released in July, but before that we will launch another single.”

Stay tuned to to stay updated on information about her show. Do you think that making a reality show is a good idea for Chiquis? Let us know in the comment section below.


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