Antonio Banderas Says He Is Ready To Play Pablo Picasso

Antonio Banderas told interviewers Tuesday that “the time has come” to finally play Pablo Picasso.

“I turned down the chance at one point of playing Mr. Pablo, but the time has come in my life where I understand him better, and I am nearly at the age he was when those events happened, in 1937, when he was 55 or 56, and I’m getting close,” Banderas said.

Banderes almost played Picasso in the movie “33 dias” but turned it down because he thought he wasn’t ready. The movie, which covers Pablo’s “Guernica” painting, takes place during the Spanish Civil War.

Vittorio Storaro will be the director of the film which will also star Gwyneth Paltrow. Right now the project is on hold because the company who owns the rights to the film filed for bankruptcy protection.

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