Angelique Boyer Defends Ex-Boyfriend Jose Alberto Castro

This week TVyNotas had an exclusive story stating that Angelique Boyer and Jose Alberto Castro ended their relationship because he would throw jealous fits and hit her.

Angelique Boyer recently spoke to the Mexican morning show “Hoy” to set the story straight, stating that the rumors were untrue and pure lies.

“I don’t like to address this magazine but in this occasion, I will not permit them to defame him in such manner. Each word from that story is a lie. There is no one to blame for this break up so don’t even look for one,” she told reporter Adriana Flores.

The source, who claimed to be a close friend of Angelique in the TVyNotas story, stated that they would have intense fights in the middle of parties, in front of everyone.

Angelique shot this down stating, “Jose Alberto never in his life raised his voice, much less disrespect me in front of anyone. He  would never do it to any woman, much less to his partner. There is no close source, there is no friend.”

She also asked people not to believe these stories because Jose Albeto is simply not that kind of man. “I won’t allow for such things to be said about Jose Alberto, he doesn’t deserve it. As the woman that was in his life for three years, I ask for respect and I ask people not to believe he is that kind of man.”

Angelique is aware that many things will be said, but she is confident that many people know “El Guero” and they all have good things to say about him.

The actress/singer added by assuring the audience that Jose is the man she loves and that he will always have a place in her heart. “He is the man I love and I’ll always have him in my heart, all my life. I don’t appreciate them talking that way about him,” she stated.

There were also speculations that her family was the reason they broke up because they never approved of her relationship with the 53-year-old man. “My family has nothing to do with this and in this case, I prefer not to mention them, because I am respecting a person who was in my life for 3 years. My family never gave him recognition (as her boyfriend), so they have nothing to do with this.”

Regardless of her previous statement saying she will not speak about the matter, Angelique wanted to clear her former boyfriend’s reputation.

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