Angelica Vale Doesn’t Mind Pregnancy Weight

Mexican actress, Angelica Vale, is making pregnancy her priority. 

The 38-year-old decided to end her part in the musical, “Mentiras” to focus more on her 2-year-old daughter and her pregnancy.

But gaining a few pounds from a pregnancy is not on her mind, Angelica shared that she doesn’t care about gaining weight. In her last pregnancy her husband, Otton Padron had most of the cravings.

“In my last pregnancy the dad had cravings and I didn’t have many, but know I know what it’s like to be pregnant. This time it has been bad. It’s the only moment in my life where I don’t care about the weight I gain, as long as my doctor tells me I’m fine, I’m healthy, then I’m not going to worry because if not, I’m going to obsess and it’s going to be worse and know I have to think about my mom and not me.”

Angelica Vale is 4 months pregnant and planning on giving birth in the United States.

“[The Baby] will be born in the United States, Angelica was born there. Since over there the insurance does help and their dad lives and works there. I would die if I gave birth here without him. But, just like with Angelica, as soon as the baby is born we will take out his Mexican passport.”

For now the sex of the child is unknown but what is known is that Vale family is very happy to be expecting another family member.

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