Adamari Lopez And Toni Costa Are No Longer Together

Adamari Lopez and Toni Costa have parted ways.

The couple has been dating since 2010 when Adamari met the Spanish dancer in Miami during the filming of Mira Quien Baila.

Rumors have gone around saying that the couple had split up and Adamari’s 84-year-old father, Don Luis Lopez, has confirmed that rumors are true. According to reports, Don Luis has never been a fan of Toni Costa, but put up with him for his daughter’s happiness.

“Yes, the truth is that it’s for the best, I love her and like always, I keep calling her every morning at 4:30. I love knowing that she is happy, I see her in TV and she looks beautiful. My girl is very sweet, always worrying about what happens to me. And indeed, she already left this man, but only Adamari knows her stuff. All I’ve ever wanted for her is for the best, she deserves it,” Don Luis Lopez told TVNotas over the phone.

If she was able to beat cancer, we’re sure she’ll be able to beat the break up blues.

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